The Guitar Icons

WELCOME to our colourful, dynamic and exciting tribute show featuring the music of some of the world’s most iconic and influential electric guitar players. Musicians that have shaped pop and rock music over the years – and many that continue to do so. However, it’s difficult to see some of these artists perform their music live, a few are no longer with us, others only touring infrequently. That’s where we come in…the songs we play are faithful live renditions of the original pieces. Although we occasionally indulge ourselves with an interpretation, none if the songs lose the feel of the original recording. We’ve picked our tracks with great care to showcase the work of the greatest guitar icons. We hope you enjoy the show!

Peter Antonius – Bass , Vocals and Artistic Director

Mark Walker – Drums & percussion, Vocals

Sophie Cotterell – Vocalist

Nick Burr – Guitars, vocals

Mark Peters – Keyboards, piano and sax

Adam Bertenshaw – Guitars, vocals

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