Early Blues

This is the original ‘Early Blues’ Website, founded in October 2000 by Alan White and regularly developed since then with a vast range of excellent material I hope you enjoy, with contributions from renowned blues historian, author and lecturer Max Haymes, acoustic blues guitarist and blues instrument researcher Dai Thomas, acoustic delta blues guitarist and blues gravestones expert Courtland Bresner, photographer Paul Webster, blues portrait artist Loz Arkle, Midlands reviewer Steve Wosket, and North East reviewer Tony Higgins.

Our purpose is to broaden awareness and understanding of the origins of blues music and to encourage and support live blues music – ‘keeping the blues alive’.

Other Festivals & Music Venues

We are very lucky to live in an area with so many great festivals going on. We hope you take a look at some of these…

Borough Blues Club – Our blues friends over the border in Wales!


Gloucester Blues Festival – Currently Inactive but once the line-Up is sorted maybe back


Cafe Rene, usual hosts of the Gloucester Blues but lots of other stuff going on


Tenby Blues Festival, A cool blues weekend by the sea!


Hay-on-Wye Book Festival


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Places to Visit

Ross On-Line provides lots of activities and accommodation in the area.

Visit Wye Valley has some stunning photographs of the area and lots of useful tourist information.

Or try the Tourist Information Centre in Ross-on-Wye on 01989 562768

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