Info for bands

If you want to play at Linton..

First thing to note is that Linton Festival® is primarily a Rhythm & Blues event. This is a wide spectrum that covers a whole range of music. We encourage original music and welcome bands that play around the edges. We are also looking for stage presence as well as great musicianship.

Please send an e-mail into the Festival Bands mailbox including website or other links to music samples, plus press pack if available.

What happens next..

We promise we look at each and every e-mail and check out website links / music samples. If we are interested, we may contact you to submit a CD, but will more than likely turn up at a gig (we always prefer to check bands out live).

The way Linton works..

CD’s / band shortlists will be discussed by the Festival Music Committee which comprises 4 voting members – you need 3 votes. Good luck and keep music live!

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