Linton Festival Campsite

First of all, WELCOME TO THE 2024 LINTON FESTIVAL. It is important to us that you enjoy your time at the Festival and that your stay is safe and trouble free. To this end we must give you some important information and ask you to comply with it so that it makes a contribution to everybody’s memorable experience .

First – the really important stuff!!

  • The Campsite will be patrolled at night. We recommend that you lock any items of value in your vehicle, preferably in the boot, out of sight. Do not leave money and valuable items in your tent at any time.
  • You are reminded that Linton Festival is not liable for any loss of personal belongings of any value.
  • All Campers are asked to wear their camping wrist bands at all times to enable the stewarding of the site to be completed more effectively. At critical times the Camp Site will be patrolled by SIA security personnel.
  • Tent campers are requested to put their tents up in rows in the provided tent area, ensuring that access for cars of other campers and emergency services are not impeded. Please leave a 3-6m gap between tents and then move vehicles to the car park area. This has been a request from the local fire service, so please help us to ensure they can get to an incident, if needed.
  • Caravans and mobile homes will have parking areas marked out. Please respect the provided areas and help ensure that there is 3-6m between yourselves and your neighbours. Roadways have been setup to allow for site traffic and emergency access, please ensure that these aren’t obstructed.
  • It is a condition of the festival licence that NO ALCOHOL can be consumed on the main site which is not purchased from the main onsite facility. The festival stewards on the main site reserve the right to confiscate the alcohol or to arrange for it to be removed from the main site.
  • It is also a condition of the festival licence that NO GLASS CONTAINERS, of any description for any reason, may be allowed on the main site. The festival stewards reserve the right to confiscate them, or to arrange for them to be removed from the site.

But now the lighter stuff:

  1. Please drive carefully and SLOWLY (20 mph max) to and from the Campsite along the access road avoiding going on the grass verges. Follow the signs and any instructions given by the security staff at the entrance gate and when on site.
  2. Camping Field: All VEHICLES should be parked facing downhill to avoid damage to the field if exiting in inclement weather. Camping passes should be available for inspection at all times.
  3. Fire extinguishers are to be found by the steward area by the campsite entrance.
  4. Festival participants have access to trained first aid personnel on the main festival site during festival hours in the first aid tent. On the camp-site, medical cover personnel will be in attendance overnight. The patrolling security guards are trained first-aiders, who can also provide assistance should it be needed.
  5. Open fires in the Camping and Campervan / Caravan fields are not permitted at any time.
  6. We specifically ask you not to light and release Chinese Lanterns from the camping fields. These can easily cause serious fires on nearby farmland and proved a significant problem to Hereford and Worcester Fire Service in previous years.
  7. As the walk to the Festival site is not illuminated you should ensure that you wear light, preferably high visibility, clothing and that you indicate your presence to approaching traffic with a torch or an LED
  8. The access to the Main Festival site for campers is through the rear gate to the site at the end of the access road between the camping fields. This is private land and the landowner kindly allows us to use it for the Festival.
  9. Breakfasts are available at Linton Village Hall (Behind the Church), between 09:30 – 11:30 on Saturday & Sunday mornings. There will be cooked breakfasts, bacon & sausage rolls and teas and coffees.
  10. Forgotten something? Lea Village Stores are our camp site sponsor. Just 5 minutes drive and easy parking – HR9 7JZ
  11. JR Coffee will be providing a mobile barista bar, which will be located near the festival entrance.
  12. Whilst the facilities are basic, we would ask that you respect them and use them as you would wish for them to be used in your home.
  13. General and recycling waste areas and IBC’s (for caravans chemical toilet waste) will be provided and are collected daily. Please use these responsibly. No chemical toilet waste should be emptied into the portaloos.
  14. As your experiences during the weekend are likely to be heightened through good music and exceptional beer could we respectfully remind you of the need to consider others who prefer quieter experiences.
  15. Whilst we will be saddened to see you leave us, can you please ensure you have vacated the campsite by midday on Monday after the festival.


The local landowner has kindly allowed us to use their field and the access to it.
Please clear and bag up any litter and take it home or use the skips provided on site.

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